Dedicated server vs colocation

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Many firms were looking to relocate their hosted infrastructure to a data center site in 2020 when the global pandemic was expected to begin. Businesses are scrambling to find methods to save money or deploy resources to keep up with the increasing demand for working remotely. Colocation Hosting and Dedicated Server Hosting are two options that come to mind.

Cloud Dedicated servers (a virtual dedicated server) and Managed Cloud servers built on a highly accessible public cloud are viable alternatives. Enterprises are already debating whether to use dedicated hosting or cloud hosting. However, a dedicated physical server's customizability and performance are key requirements for most businesses. So, which is best for you, between Colocation Hosting and Dedicated Server Hosting?


Colocation Server Hosting: What Is It?

It is a service given by data centers or hosting firms that lease the customer rack space, power, and bandwidth bundles. You can carry or transport your servers, network and storage devices, and other equipment to data centers that offer this service.

Account contacts following particular security protocols can do routine management of the infrastructure. Depending on the hosting company's offering, hired hands (workers available to help manage colocated devices) are optional.


Dedicated Server Hosting: What is it?

Single-tenant hosting with dedicated hardware and resources is called "Dedicated Server Hosting." As part of Managed Dedicated Server Hosting, the provider takes care of everything from the server's setup and administration to its maintenance and support. The goal is to ensure that your data is accessible in your environment, free from the challenges that come when resources are shared.


Colocation Server Hosting has Several Advantages


Decide on Your Hardware

For one thing, you get to pick your hardware under a Colocation Server Hosting plan. Companies have unique hardware requirements for their infrastructure, whether for new or aging software. You're more likely to get what you want if you have more control over the server's components. Ensuring that all of your needs and requirements are met reduces the amount of your desired performance left to luck.

Ownership of Hardware

Using a Colocation Server Hosting service also gives you control over your hardware. Dedicated server hosting plans allow you to avoid the ongoing costs of renting hardware by allowing you to own it outright or on a long-term lease.


Reduce Your Spending

You can also keep an eye on your expenses with dedicated server colocation. It is important to remember that you are paying for the upkeep and maintenance of the servers when you lease via hosting. As a result, colocation removes the cost of dedicated server hosting in favor of owning and maintaining your servers.


Server Colocation Has Its Drawbacks


Hardware Management

Managing your hardware is a drawback of Colocation Server Hosting. In case of a hardware failure, you or a team member will have to travel to the site to fix it. While the cost of replacing parts isn't prohibitive, the time spent traveling to and from the shop is. Additionally, if the hardware's life cycle is short, you may need to keep spare parts on hand in case of a breakdown.


Manage Your Software

In a dedicated server colocation arrangement, the software is also your responsibility. However, this can be critical if the required patches and upgrades are not completed on time in most circumstances. There may also need to update the code that runs on the operating system. You'll have to pay extra for this if you don't have an in-house development staff.


Dedicated Server Hosting Benefits

Colocation Hosting and Dedicated Server Hosting both have their benefits, but the dedicated server hosting option has a significant advantage.


Hardware Support

A huge advantage to having a dedicated server hosted by a hosting provider since they will maintain and repair your hardware. No more excursions to the data center for maintenance or stockpiling of hardware components, which saves you time and money.


Dedicated Server Software Support

Depending on your hosting company, server software assistance can save your team time. Liquid Web, for example, provides compatibility for most dedicated servers' operating systems and the web server stack's main components. You'll save a lot of money and time by working with a service provider that provides fundamental program support rather than doing it yourself.


Support Available Round-the-Clock, Year-round

Dedicated servers are typically placed in data centers that are owned and operated solely by the company that owns the data center. You don't have to worry a bit about those late-night patching and updating sessions to keep the servers working during the day with 24/7/365 assistance. Your time and money will be saved if your hosting company offers round-the-clock service.


Dedicated Server Hosting Drawbacks


To Pay More in the Long Term

The increased long-term costs of Dedicated Server Hosting are a drawback. Value-added features might lessen the pain of paying for hosting, but long-term costs must be considered.


There are Fewer Options for Customization

However, not all web hosts, such as Liquid Web, allow the option of customizing the server to meet your individual needs. For example, particular components, like graphics processing units (GPUs), hard disks, or CPUs, may be available to meet specific business requirements. You may be forced to choose something less than what you want to get what you need.


Brief Comparison of Colocation and Dedicated Server Hosting


When deciding between Colocation Hosting and Dedicated Server Hosting, there are a few things to keep in mind.

If you need to host a server in a colocation facility:

  • In the long run, you want to save money by purchasing gear now.
  • Whether you have a staff in place or can recruit one, you can handle hardware and software failures and problems.
  • Your infrastructure maintenance requires you to go to and from your data center.

If any of the following situations apply, then a dedicated server is the way to go:

  • The benefits of leasing or hosting your infrastructure outweigh the costs.
  • At a reasonable fee, you can have the server configuration you require.

It doesn't have to be hard to decide how to hold your event. Knowing what you can and can't do without in your setup can help you get the most out of it. To understand why Colocation is beneficial for small enterprises, let's take a look at the following:


Colocation for Small Businesses

Now that you know all of the benefits and downsides of dedicated servers and colocation, which is best for small businesses? As per our research, the following are some of the benefits of colocation for small businesses.


Dedicated servers have many of the same advantages of transferring infrastructure costs from CapEx to OpEx that have been outlined in several books and articles. Spread the cost of your servers over numerous years instead of paying a flat sum upfront to avoid the 3-year hardware refresh cycle. Your provider will replace a failed server at no additional charge as soon as possible. This means that you don't have to worry about sunk expenses as your computing and storage needs change. Your monthly server costs include the cost of power and cooling.

For smaller businesses, the IT crew wears a wide range of roles, making it difficult to keep track of them. It's possible that you don't have the time or resources to manage and maintain your servers. If something goes wrong at your colocation facility, you may be unable to contact help. This lets you concentrate on the systems and apps that will help your company expand.

It's very easy to scale up or down with dedicated hosting, which is ideal for firms that predict rapid expansion or seasonal fluctuations in their customer base. By quickly and easily adding extra servers, firms may quickly adjust their infrastructure without worrying about long-term costs to the business.

You can have the performance of on-premises bare metal servers while still making use of many of the advantages of cloud computing by renting dedicated servers. You can concentrate on designing the technologies that will allow you to compete in your market. At the same time, your infrastructure supplier takes care of the rest.


Finally, Which Choice is The Best Fit for You?

To what extent a colocated or a dedicated server is preferable in any given case cannot be determined with any degree of certainty. But in most circumstances, dedicated server hosting is the preferred option since it is more cost-effective, requires less effort, and requires less expertise in server hardware or administration.


The Bottom Line

The firm's needs and conditions significantly impact the type of hosting that should be used. Colocation may be the best option for a company with specific needs and personnel who possess the necessary expertise. Companies with more conventional needs may discover that outsourced dedicated server hosting offers more advantages than in-house server hosting. So, the entire decision is totally based on your needs, personal preferences, and the IT team you have in your company. Keep In mind that both options have their own set of benefits and drawbacks, and they can be beneficial on their own terms.


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