Rebuilding Broken Trust

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Rebuilding broken trust is one of the most important things to do. Betrayal is not easy to face because it can hurt every aspect of a person’s life. Things like disloyalty to your spouse, cheating or a broken agreement are the most common reasons in destroying a person’s trust.

Unmarried individuals might be wondering why do married couples still strive to bring back the broken trust when they are already betrayed and hurt. They may not understand the complexity of married life. A married couple’s relationship is like a rollercoaster ride. Sometimes the relationship is at its best while other times it becomes a nightmare. Despite it all, they still exert a lot of effort to make their relationship a smooth ride.

Mending your relationship is tough. Some problems can’t be fixed overnight and some may need a lot of time and effort to overcome them. If trust is present, there is a big chance that the couple can get through the rough times.

So it is important not to break the trust in your relationship. If this happens, here are some ways you can rebuild the trust in your partner and make your marriage successful.  Once trust is earned back, it will be very fulfilling for you and your relationship.


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•    Forget the past and look forward to what is ahead. Forgetting the past doesn’t mean that you tolerate any wrong acts. It is forgiving your partner and giving every chance for your relationship to grow.  You won’t get well if you always dwell on the faults of the relationship and the person. You need to heal in order to move on and start rebuilding the broken trust.

•    Make an agreement. Talk to your partner about things you both need to do to make the marriage work. Working together will bring you closer to each other.

•    Sincerely forgive your spouse. Forgive your spouse for the things he or she does wrong. It is not easy though, so you have to decide to forgive your spouse to create a lasting marriage.

•    Do not keep secrets from each other. Openness in marriage is essential to having a better marriage. Show your partner that you have changed for the better, and vice versa. In this way your partner will know that you are sincere in making an effort to gain back the lost trust.

•    Understanding and patience should be the attitude of the one who is at fault in times that the other person is hurting. Being betrayed is not easy. However, if you work on it together you’ll realise that you are rebuilding the broken trust.

•    Empathise. Empathising is not only hearing and understanding the words that the other partner has to say, it is also understanding his or her feelings and acting on it.

•    Be a responsible partner. Ask for forgiveness if you have done wrong by your spouse. You have hurt your partner, so do everything you can to regain the trust that has been destroyed.

•    Ask for help. If you see that everything you did is not improving the relationship, maybe it’s time to seek the help of other people. It can be a friend, or a counsellor you can run to. Since they are not part of the relationship, they may see the bigger picture and may guide you in what to do to rebuild the trust in your relationship.

•    Renew your commitment. Let your partner know that you still care about the marriage and you want to work on it.

Taking the extra mile in the relationship when trials come is a big step towards a successful marriage. So make every effort  to rebuild the broken trust.

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