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Proudly, BTM site has started its activity in the field of Telegram services for more than 6 years. They have made a purchase and have become a regular customer of our site. Read this page completely and carefully to get acquainted with both our site history and the comments of the site's customers. On this page, there is a lot of useful information about Telegram page and member purchase We have explained that you will definitely find it useful.

Buy Telegram member has many benefits for your page, and in this section, we will mention a few of them. If you want to learn more about this, be sure to watch the full video. But in general, by buy Telegram members, you increase the credibility of your page. If you want to buy better than you or more new audiences to follow your page, the high number of members is definitely very important because the audience will trust your page with more confidence and composure. Follows or if you have a store page, they will buy from you much easier, of course, it depends on the type of your members, which we will talk about on this page.

Buy Telegram group members

If your goal is to buy fake Telegram members, this section is for you, these free Telegram members are completely fake, so they will not follow you by sending a lot of posts or stories, but you should pay attention to this point, because this service is completely fake, members Have a high dropout and these members are a combination of USA and foreign, so if you want to have quality members whose dropout is below 20%, be sure to use the real Telegram member service.

According to the 6-year experience of BTM site, it became clear to us that the higher the number of members of your page, your comments, visits and likes, the more easily and better others will follow your page with a good feeling. But a new study we did between 1398 and 1400 was that if we both buy Telegram members and use the above 30 methods, what will be the result? How will our page grow? The results of this research can be seen in the table below. These are relative numbers.

Note that these numbers are average, in one of the experiments we did, by buy 10 members and doing the above 20 free methods, we were able to see a growth of up to 400%! That is 4 times the usual! This means that if we attracted about 500 real members every week with Telegram ads and marketing methods, by observing those points and having high members, we would be able to attract 4 times more, that is, 2,000 members!

Do I have to buy Telegram members?

You may be wondering if buy Telegram members can’t really grow 100% real? Really, if we have good posts but our number of members is 50, no one will follow us? Does this mean we must buy Telegram members to get started so that others are willing to follow us?

The answer to these questions is no. Unfortunately, many people in the Telegram member sales area take advantage of the ignorance of others and say that you have no chance without buy telegram members usa and buy at least 2,000 fake members to better follow you, otherwise no one will follow your page. Unfortunately, these words are lies! There is no compulsion and you are completely free to buy a member or not, to advertise or not, these things only make you grow better, for example your growth process will grow by 50% or you will be even many times better but This does not mean that it will not grow at all if you do not buy a member.

How to increase Telegram subscribers?

We mentioned this a lot in the headlines above, but we want to take a closer look at this discussion and see if it makes sense that buy Telegram member (whether fake or real) will make others better. Follow?

You can see this in a very good sociological discussion, most people behave according to the pattern and values ​​that are accepted in society, which is why most people take the path of employment, not entrepreneurship. Or become independent! This is how the community is made, but in cases such as following Telegram, this number is very different! For example, if you want to do something, the values ​​of the community and the opinion of others may be 60% important to you, but research has shown that when you want to follow a page or like a post, it is up to 99% effective! Yes, it is a really strange number.

Again, this does not mean that if you have good posts and your likes and members are low, no one will follow you, no. Because you have a good page, you will definitely be followed, because you have a good post, you will definitely like it, but…

When you see a funny Telegram post that has 2 million views and 30,000 comments, most of whom liked this post, subconsciously you like this post much better and you will tell a story! Yeah, Al that sounds pretty crap to me. Most users do not like to story a page that is new and has low members, likes, views and comments.


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